You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Yorkshire Terrier training tips because we love our Yorkies here! Training any dog can be a long process requiring plenty of patience but it’s also a fun experience that can strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

It’s important to learn that dogs are a pack animal and their primary goal is to be accepted by the pack so they can feel safe. Once you realize this you will understand why you need to be thought of as the “Alpha Dog” in your pack.

My Top 6 Yorkshire Terrier Training Tips

With a few simple tricks and tips you can quickly speed up the training process and avoid the frustrations that can occur during obedience training.

  • Rewards Not Punishments – First, realize that a dogs behavior is based on both their instincts and their learned responses from their owners. Dogs will misbehave however it’s not out of malice but out of instinct and the best way to overcome instinct is to reinforce good behavior. Punishing bad behavior can lead to mixed messages and will only cause problems at a later time. You should always avoid hitting, smacking or shouting at your dog.
  • The Crate Training Method – Used by many experienced trainers it is worth investigating if this method will work for you and your dog. Providing your Yorkie with a crate to call its home allows you to create an area where the dog will feel safe and secure and consider its home this will aid in housebreaking a Yorkie as well as helping to overcome separation anxiety in dogs. It’s very important never to use the crate as a punishment; it should always be a safe and comfy “den” for your pet to relax in.
  • Become the Alpha Dog – This is one of the most helpful Yorkshire Terrier training tips. You should always be seen as the pack leader to your dog and if you have young children it’s vital that they are also seen as alpha pack leaders by the dog. Essentially a dog wishes to be a member of a pack for security, food and companionship. If you can regularly demonstrate that you are in control of these things then your dog can stop worrying and relax into a good behavior pattern.
  • Leash Training Tips – All dogs love it outside, my little Yorkie absolutely adores the beach and will charge around for hours if I let her. Leash training can be a real difficulty to many because the dogs get so excited when they see the leash (and quickly associate it with going walkies) they forget to listen to you.  Start by breaking that association, place your dog on a leash but do not immediately leave the house. Try leaving it longer and longer until they are not over excited at the sight of a leash.To deal with pulling and not walking to heel it’s important to reinforce the good behavior.  Keep petting and giving encouragement throughout the walk while they are staying to heel. If they start pulling simply stop, make them sit, then pause for a few minutes without acknowledging them. Start walking again and if they walk to heel resume the positive reinforcement. When they start pulling you pause for a minute again. They will quickly associate pulling on the leash with the stopping of the walk and getting ignored, but if they walk to heel the petting and happy talking will continue.
  • Is Obedience Training Worth It? – In my opinion you will get the best Yorkie training tips from dedicated classes that deal with obedience training for dogs. An experienced dog trainer will always be able to give you personalized hints and tips to deal with any specific problems you may be having. It’s also a great way to socialize your Yorkshire Terrier in a safe and enjoyable location. Even if you do not want to spend too much try to do at least a couple of classes early on in your dogs training and it will provide a real boost.
  • Keep It Consistent – This is the Yorkie Training tip of the century, and you’re right, it’s simply common sense but you’ll be amazed at how much it helps!  Dogs can seem smart but really they don’t understand what you’re saying at all.
Yorkie Training

Yorkie Training

If you tell your dog to get off the couch 50% of the time yet let them up and cuddle them the other 50% how are they going to learn what is right? It’s the same problem if you punish a dog a long time after it has misbehaved, how does it know what you are punishing it for? It must be done immediately or not at all. I know it’s hard not to give in to their cute little puppy dog looks but unfortunately that’s part of being a responsible parent!

I hope these Yorkie training tips will help you on the way to a great relationship with your dog.