Yorkshire terrier housebreaking is an important task to tackle when getting a new puppy. Everyone wants to be the first to get to play with and hold your new yorkie, but no one wants to deal with the little accidents that may happen along the way. Potty training your new puppy will help to stop those accidents before they start to become a big problem.

During Yorkshire Terrier housebreaking set a schedule of when you feed your puppy and be sure to take them outside not to long after eating or drinking. Puppies of all types are not able to hold their waste very long, and this is true of Yorkshire Terriers as well. Also, be sure not to play with them outside until after they go. Training pads are helpful as well. If an accident is somewhere other than the pad, put some of the accident onto the pad. This can reinforce the puppy understanding where they are supposed to be using the potty.

One option that many owners are utilizing during Yorkshire Terrier housebreaking is not housebreaking outdoors. Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed similar in size to a cat. Litter box training a dog is a little harder than a kitten, but eventually the Yorkie will understand what you expect of them. Just like using training pads it can be helpful to put the waste from an accident in the litter box. Now available on the market are little patches of artificial grass in a box that can be used to contain waste. These can be especially helpful if you are thinking of utilizing indoors and outdoor potty breaks for whatever reason. Some individuals don’t want their small Yorkshire Terrier outside when it’s cold or rainy outside, but want them to enjoy the outdoors.

No matter how you decide to deal with your Yorkshire Terrier housebreaking the main thing to remember is to stay consistent with it. If something with the training is not working that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it for the long haul, but it does mean to give your Yorkie puppy enough time to have a chance to catch on to it. People have different learning styles and time lines, and dogs are no different. Be sure to keep this in mind when issues pop up. Patience is key.