Those who want a Golden Retriever but do not know how to raise a puppy may consider adopting an adult one. Though many people do not give much thought about adopting an older Golden Retriever, these canine fellows can be great pets in the home because they are usually good tempered, highly adaptable and do not take too much of your time watching and caring for them. No matter how old your Golden Retriever is, you will be amazed how it can easily become a valued member in your family.

Majority of Golden Retrievers already know different types of behavioral patterns and how to adapt to a new home environment as well. It is normal that it may be a little difficult for your dog to become at ease at first, but if you shower him with attention and affection, your dog will be fine just before you know. It is important that you constantly reassure your new Golden Retriever that you love him and that it is now a part of your family.

Breeders usually sell older dogs for several reasons. These include show dogs that have lost talent and potential, studs that have previously been used for breeding, female Golden Retrievers that have retired after having been breed for a couple of times or in special cases wherein someone wants to give away his or her Golden Retriever. Whatever reason there may be, an older Golden Retriever can be readily available to anyone who wants one.

If you highly consider adopting an adult Golden Retriever, make sure that, as much as possible, you learn everything there is that you need to know about him. You must also study your dog’s temper and mood swings so you can determine whether he is favorable for you and your family. Other important things that you need to learn about your Golden Retriever is his daily routine, diet, habit, what he likes and what he does not. It is also recommended that the other family members of yours meet him before taking him home, so you can be more able to discuss what they also think about having a new dog in the home.

Adopt an Older Golden Retriever

Adopt an Older Golden Retriever

Just like any other dog, you must take very good care of your adult Golden Retriever for the first few days and show him around your home so he can be well familiarized with his new abode. Show your new dog where he eats, where he sleeps and where he should potty. The first few tries may take much of your time so you have to be patient you’re your dog. It will normally take your Golden Retriever a short while to learn and adapt to his new environment. Give your adult Golden Retriever about a month or more to become well familiar with his environment before getting him into obedience training. If your dog happens to have had undergone previous training, it is still important to train him again so that he can better understand commands from you – his new owner.

Generally, all Golden Retrievers love attention, no matter what age they are. Some older Golden Retrievers may have health issues that you may not be initially aware of. This should not hinder you from getting one, though. You may not know it, but the tradeoffs can simple be far off beyond the gains.