Is your Maltese dog not eating food? Well, you must be worried as why has your dog’s appetite decreased substantially. Though it is not unusual to have a dog not eating, but it is known to be very distressing.

The Best Dog Food for Maltese Dogs and Puppies

The soil of the island of Malta is comprised of limestone, and the only fresh water comes from wells drilled into the limestone. We mention this because this soil’s mineral content is credited with giving the Maltese breed a unique set of requirements for the mineral complex. You will know if this breed is receiving the proper minerals in its diet if its coat remains white and the eye drainage does not stain its face coat.When this breed is receiving the wrong food sources of minerals its coat yellows, and the face coat has a red streaking under the eyes. Native food supplies for this breed would have been goat, fish, poultry, and highly acidic fruits such as the orange, grape, fig, and avocado. The carbohydrates would have been supplied by grains of brown rice and barley.

For the Maltese we recommend foods containing salt water fish, poultry, and lamb blended with brown rice, avocado, and wheat. You should avoid feeding a Maltese any sulfate minerals; as well as soy, horse meat, beef, or beet pulp.

Why Won’t My Dog Eat His Food?

You like other dog owners must be wondering to seek a professional treatment for your dog. However, before seeking a veterinarians help, you should first determine the cause behind your dog not eating as it may not a sign of health disorder in all cases. There can be an array of different reasons behind your Maltese pet not eating food.

The very first thing to check is the appetite of your Maltese. If your Maltese is not eating in accordance to the guidelines stated on the food package brought then there is no need to worry as most of the dogs consume sixty percent to seventy percent of the quantity stated. However, if your dog is not eating food at all, then the act may be pointing towards environmental issues, behavioral reasons or something serious.

Some Common Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat:

Change in dog food

Did you get a new brand of dog food for your Maltese? Well, change in the dog food is one of the most common reasons behind your Maltese puppy not eating. Chances are that your pet is unable to adjust to the new taste of the dog food. Most of the pets take some time to adjust to a new brand of food.

However, try to get delicious and healthy food for your Maltese dog so that his receptors compel him to indulge in the food. In addition, if your Maltese has been eating cat food or garbage, do not allow him to do that and train him properly.

Psychological issues

If there has been a remarkable change in the environment such as a new eating place for the dog, shift to a new apartment or home, a new member to the family or even a new pet to the family then it might affect the psychology of the dog and give way to your pet not eating.

Separation anxiety is also a common psychological issue behind a pet not eating. Many dogs refuse to eat while their masters are away, be it for few hours or even for one week. Some Maltese are also known to suffer from anxiety due to fireworks, thunderstorms, and even loud events.

Like humans, dogs are also known to fall in a stage of depression and consequently stop eating. The depression may be triggered due to loss of a family member, another pet in the house or even shift to a new place.

Health issues

Certain health issues may also be a reason behind your Maltese puppy not eating or drinking. Some common heath problems your dog may be subject to are a simple stomach upset, dental problem, mouth injury, etc. In such situations, switching over to soft and mild diet may rectify the problem.

Maltese Puppies

Maltese Puppies

In certain cases, the cause behind tour pet not eating may be due to a serious health issue. If the loss of appetite is accompanied with other serious symptoms such as constipation, vomiting, and passing of blood in urine then there are high chances that your pet may be suffering from liver disease, dental problem, kidney failure, bloating, worm infection, system infection, and even cancer in some cases. Such a case demands immediate veterinarian care as it may pose a life threat to your pet.

Vaccinations are also known to give way dog not eating or drinking. If your Maltese has been shot recently, then loss of appetite for few days is expected to follow.