When looking to buy a new Golden Retriever puppy, the first question that is more likely to pop in your head is where to get your puppy. And no matter how you put it, it is seemingly impossible to determine whether the puppy that you are going to buy will grow up to be a great testament of its breed. But this should not cause you to fret much. You can still have peace of mind that your puppy will grow to be a healthy one by getting it from a trusted and reliable source.

When getting a Golden Retriever puppy, here are some options that you might want to consider so you can come up with the best choice.

Pet shop. This is the perhaps the least recommended place to get your Golden puppy. Puppies that are being sold in pet shops are usually bred and raised poorly. There may be some exceptions of course, but majority of pet shops sell puppies primarily because of profit with very little emphasis on the puppy’s quality.

Because less priority is given to breeding and caring of the puppies, many pet shops rake in good profit. Simply put, quantity is more important that quality. Pet shops primarily rely on impulse buying and do not usually take the time to assess if the puppy is really worth selling. Although puppies may be readily available in pet shops, you might want to try looking somewhere else. But of course, the decision is always up to you.

Backyard breeders. Backyard breeders are also said to be another poor choice in getting a puppy. Almost all backyard breeders are those who own a few Golden Retrievers and breed their female Goldens merely for reproduction purposes and sell them for profit. They may also breed them a few times before they become spayed. Backyard breeders are not also very particular with the quality of their litters.

Normally, backyard breeders’ primary goal is to breed Golden Retriever puppies and sell them as fast they as they can. They do not have an extensive knowledge about the breed and how to properly care for them. Moreover, they are also not very well familiar with issues and problems that may arise in breeding.

Hobby breeders. A hobby breeder is ideal for you to get your Golden puppy. This type of breeders is usually passionate and enthusiastic about their puppies and view breeding as more than just a hobby. Hobby breeders also make money out of what they do but they are actually more concerned about the quality of the puppies that they produce so that you can get the best and healthiest Golden Retriever puppy as possible.

Golden Retriever Breeders

Golden Retriever Breeders

Moreover, hobby breeders embrace responsibility for each of the puppies that they raise, nurturing them the way they possibly could. Visit a hobby breeder near you if you want to get the best value for your money in getting a Golden Retriever puppy. Now that you know some important points, whether you choose to buy a Golden puppy from a pet shop, backyard breeder or hobby breeder, the choice is entirely up to you.