Each and every dog is prone to infection. There are different types of infections which can affect your dachshund puppies. Dachshund puppies are very sensitive and are prone to any type of infection. Their skin type is soft and don’t have hair for their protection. These are small dogs which are very clever and brave and can be a good companion to man if treated properly. There are certain vaccinations guidelines which you need to follow.

Depending on your dog breed this vaccination guidelines will differ. Leptospirosis is one type of vaccine which should be avoided for dachshunds. Do not try to vaccine your dachshund puppies just by checking from internet. It is advised to take your dachshund puppy to your nearest veterinarian and give the appropriate vaccine required. Right from its birth till certain age you should vaccine your dachshund puppy. These dachshunds are small and hence these are prone to soil infections.

They are also prone to other type of infection which is called heartworms. You can prevent major diseases by following a proper diet chart. There are many websites which gives information on how and what to feed your puppies. Dachshund Vaccinations can be given only by proper veterinarian and not any other normal doctor.

Ask your veterinarian about when to vaccine your puppy and what vaccine is being given. If in case you change your place of living you can inform the same to your new veterinarian. New study suggests it is advised to give vaccination for dachshund puppy when its 11-16 weeks. The vaccine which is given during this time will provide immense strength and act against all anti body infections.