How many of us love our dogs like others love their children? We call them “our babies”.

We spoil them, give them treats, buy them toys, and let them cuddle in bed, jump on the couch and tear around the house. But just like spoiled children, spoiled dogs can be challenging to be around.

Dog Training is Critical

Training is essential to having a well behaved dog. The little things that you let them get away with when they are cute and cuddly aren’t so cute when they are bigger and all grown up.

Now they sprawl out and take up half of the bed, beg at the table, drool on your dinner, pester your company and chew your favorite shoes because you thought it was cute when the puppy carried your shoe around.

I am guilty of all of these and many more.

Puppies are irresistible. But trust me; you will regret allowing these behaviors just as much as I did if you don’t stop them now. I am frequently reminded by my wife “that’s your dog … good job you trained her well”.

Take my advice, and learn from my mistakes, enroll your new “baby” in a puppy training class. Both you and you dog will be happier.

And just like they say “it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks” … well, the same goes for their owners.