Bones have always held a fascination for dogs, they chew them, play with them and do a host of things with them, so making dog bones available to your dog is a sure way to please your dog any day.

Though dog bones are loved by dogs, it’s every dog owner’s responsibility to make sure they are good enough or safe enough for them. Because bones can splinter and harm your dog you must be careful the kind of dog bones you offer your dog. You don’t have to give your dogs actual bones always you can give special dog treats shaped as dog bones. You can give them biscuits shaped as bones. They will also enjoy these.

If you have to give them bones don’t give them bones that can easily splinter like chicken or poultry bones give them strong bones. Even at that make sure you monitor them well , keep a watchful eye on your dog while he is eating the bones so that if the bone splinters you can easily get rid of it before it does any harm.

Although cooked chicken or turkey bones [poultry bones generally] are considered risky, raw beef bones can be offered to your dog. Large dogs can be given knuckle bones and oxtails can be given to small dogs, beef bones do not break easily and so are safer.

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Dog bones help dogs in building and maintaining healthy teeth and balancing the magnesium and phosphorus levels, so it is vital in their nutrition. Dog bones are also a delight for dogs so make sure your dog is not denied of his delight. You only have to make sure he enjoys the delight safely.

Remember dog treats shaped as bones also come in handy in giving your dog a real delight, so offer your dog bone-shaped biscuits and other treats also. Bone shaped toys, like rubber bones can also help in dealing with your dog’s bone urges. Never put spoiling your dog above its safety. Only offer your dog what is safe