There are different varieties in dachshund dog. They come in different colors and with different hair types. Some of these dogs are small while some are large. Some dachshund dogs have long hair while some have short hair. Some dogs also have wired hairs. Hence while picking a dachshund; care should be taken whether it will be suitable for the maintenance and home environment.

People should avoid picking dachshund puppy from online references. Always spend time and think well before picking up suitable dachshund. Before picking the breed go and get along with them for a week and make it friendly. This makes the relationship of the dog with the new owner more comfortable and easy. While picking them much attention should be given to the haired variety of dogs. Some people may not spend much time with the dog they should go for short haired dogs as the long haired dogs needs regular brushing and coating.

While picking a dachshund the maintenance of the dog should be learnt. When picking these breeds make sure that you can afford for all its growth and life. Also make sure that the dog is vaccinated with all the vaccines properly. Make the dogs to walk and check for any paws before picking it up. Also make sure that they don’t show any awkward movements as these dogs are known for its confident and bold gait.

These dogs have a good sense of smell. These dogs should have almond shaped, medium sized and dark eyes. The muzzle of these dogs should be long and narrow. Hence it is very necessary to note that the puppy is in proper health and standard before picking up them.