A DOG daycare is more or less the same thing as a daycare for children. Many owners, because they work all day, like to take their pugs to a DOG daycare, either so that their pug won’t be bored or so that their pug will be safer than if it stayed home alone. A DOG daycare serves both purposes.

DOG daycare is a good place for your pug to socialize with other DOGS, as well as humans, and get some exercise. Just remember that pugs, like humans, are individuals. Whether your pug will enjoy puggie daycare depends a lot on his individual personality.

Another factor is that not all DOG daycares are the same. If you do decide to take your pug to a DOG daycare there are several options to choose from. Most DOG daycares have scheduled group activities. Some have individual quarters with individual toys. A few even offer a TV and a couch for every DOG. The options are endless.

Each DOG daycare also has its own policies about which breeds are allowed and how many DOGS they take in at once. Find a daycare that has policies that suit your needs and the needs of your pug.

People are always taking their Yorkshire terriers to the groomer. Why? Well, Yorkshire terriers can grow hair up to 2 feet in length! Considering that they are nowhere near two feet tall, this makes regular grooming a must!

Once you’ve narrowed the choices down a bid, be sure to meet with the staff of your top picks. Ask about their credentials. Ask about the daily routine around the daycare. In fact, if possible, show up for an unannounced visit so that you can see how things are run. It’s also a good idea to bring your pug to each daycare that you are considering and see how staff and the other DOGS react to him.

If you do your homework and ask some questions you’ll find a great DOG daycare in no time at all.