It can potentially be quite concerning anytime you have just adopted a new dog and they are refusing to eat. You have to hold in mind a number of things, one is that a wholesome dog won’t starve them selves to death. Two, your dog has come under a extraordinary change of circumstances, he has been taken away from his home and is now under the care of another, this will more than likely upset them and if this is the event it is no wonder why the puppy won’t eat.

Exactly what food to try?

A superb idea could be to speak to the person you adopted the dog from and inquire what they were serving the puppy, this way at least the dog might have a recognisable meal to help them deal with the move. If this doesn’t work then presenting them a tastier option such as dog biscuits or a bone may likely do the trick other well received alternatives are feeding the puppy small servings of boiled meat, such as chicken or turkey. You should also note each time your puppy goes to poop, as it would probably be the issue that your dog is eating it, this behavior needs to be modified as soon as doable as it could lead to dog sickness symptoms.

A feeding regimen

If the puppy won’t eat and is just utterly uncooperative it is a good idea to take away the food for a duration of time, perhaps a number of hours. This will train your puppy that you are the boss and you settle on when food is delivered and when the puppy ought to eat not the puppy. So take the food away and give it back soon after, do not keep the food on the floor for a long period praying the puppy will dig in a one time.

Dog Wont Eat


If the puppy is a little too young to have been given its shots, then that may be the issue, he could quite possibly have captured a illness, ask yourself does he look like a lethargic dog? Is he showcasing any dog sickness symptoms? It is definitely crucial that if the puppy won’t eat for more than 24 hours, it very well may possibly be the circumstance that the pup is suffering and a visit to the vet would certainly need to be organized. Even more signals that you have a lethargic dog is clear sickness and diarrhea, all of these indications have to be met yet again with a visit to the vet as soon as possible.

Puppy won’t drink

If you are have identified that your dog won’t drink I have a handful of ideas, one is to insert a little boiled chicken into the water, this will flavor the water not to mention give it an mouthwatering aroma. One other trick is to sprinkle the puppies nose with a moist washcloth, this will trigger the puppy to instinctively lick their nose, repeat this right up until you come to feel the little guy is well hydrated. It has to be recorded that if your dog is not drinking especially if this is packaged with the reality that your puppy wont eat, you really should visit the vet on an emergency standing.