Is your dog so busy with itching and scratching himself? Then your dog might be infested with fleas. Obviously, you need to cure your dog and consider buying that poor thing a dog flea treatment. If this will not be taken care of right away, your dog might be in grave danger of having other dog health problems.

You should be educated that the life cycle of a flea start between three to four months and next thing you know your dog has already five percent of fleas living on it. Not only that, you will also have to conclude that your house and your yard have been infested with fleas form your dog. You should be able to remove even the fleas that resides in your house and your backyard. If these fleas will not be stopped, then your dog will be expose to the disease known as the Flea Allergic Dermatitis. This disease can be very hard for your pet so there’s not time to lose.

There are studies made from other countries that chemicals for flea control for dogs bring side effects and it is advised to keep using the natural flea remedies for dog flea treatment. There are few best methods which are effective in killing these fleas. By doing this, you will know and be aware of its growing numbers everyday. Prepare a comb and wipe it with petroleum jelly all over. After which, start brushing the fur of your pet to make the flea easily stick to the comb. You can also opt to use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and swab it on your pet’s body before combing him. To see the fleas fall as you comb, make sure that you have prepared a colored cloth for your pet to be placed on when combing.

To avoid the spread of the fleas, you will have to make sure that the dog is properly groomed since this is very important in getting rid of you pet’s fleas. Bathe your dog on a weekly basis especially if you he is infested with fleas. To maintain the neatness of the dog, do this method regularly. It’s also advised to use a shampoo that has strong acid substance like citrus oil.

However, don’t be limited to those alternatives, because you can also use apple cider vinegar because fleas are repelled by the smell and taste of this.

Dog Fleas

Dog Fleas

One more thing to take note is to use lavender, lemongrass, peppermint or citronella as they also serve to repel fleas. You will need to use these oils and swab them all over the whole body of your dog. Don’t worry because they are safe and they are easy methods of curing your dog.

If these dog tick medicine still don’t work, send your dog to the vet.