Depending on your breed of the dog weight differs. Dachshunds are small dogs and have to be taken at most care. As a puppy dachshunds need to be given more attention and care. These dachshunds are prone to infection and diseases. As a puppy dachshunds eat a lot. It is advised to feed dachshund pup 2-3 times a day. Make sure you don’t feed a lot, because when these pups become overweight it will harm their digestive organs.

Before starting anything new it is advised to check with your veterinarian. It is advised to follow a proper diet chart right from when your dachshund is 2 months old. There are dachshund pups which weigh 7-12 pounds and there are pups which are less than 6 pounds which has to be fed ½ – ¾ cup of dog food.

There are dachshund pups which are called tweenies which generally weighs 13-16 pounds. A standard dachshund pup will weigh 17 pounds or little over than that. Do follow Dachshund Weight Chart to make sure your dachshund doesn’t cross over weight and enter obesity. Each and every dog needs physical activity and exercise, dachshund is no exception.

As a pup dachshund love to play and is constantly looking for an active master. If you have a dachshund pup make sure you play a lot with him/ her. What ever you do make sure you consult your veterinarian and don’t experiment with it. Dachshunds love to swim and enjoy water unlike other breed.