Fleas are extremely stubborn creatures. They remain, increase in multitudes, and doing away with them entirely can take a lengthy time. For that reason, I believe that the simplest approach to get rid of an infestation of fleas is to avoid it from occurring in the first place. Here are three means to keep fleas from invading your dog and to prevent you from having fleas in house:

  • Utilize an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Sometimes referred to as birth control for fleas. An IGR prevents flea eggs from hatching and flea larvae from maturing into grownup fleas, making them incompetent of procreating and at some point perish. IGR’s can be found in pill form or a liquid. Apply IGR to your dog before he get the fleas, and continue to do so every 4 to 7 months, or earlier if you reside in a hot climate.
  • Attempt Adulticide. A flea infestation happens anytime throughout the summer months or all year long in warm climates. Yet another treatment that is effective in regulating fleas is an adulticide. An adulticide is a spot-on liquid treatment that deploys around your dog’s coat and skin and immediately kills grownup fleas on touch.
  • Keep your house clean. During the flea period, schedule one day each working week where you pay special recognition to certain locations around your house, both indoors and outside, where fleas usually inhabit. Present your carpet and rugs and furnitures a thorough vacuum, particularly where your dog often stays. Wash all fitted sheets, both your own and your dog’s, from all the areas in your home.

You may also buy an IGR aerosol that is specifically produced home furniture and carpet and rugs inside your house, and one that is specifically made to use in your yard. Beware, however, about utilizing more than one flea item at once (like an adulticide treatment followed by a flea shampoo or conditioner). Talk with your vet to guarantee that the mix of these products are safe to utilize.

Keep your dog clean. This is particularly essential throughout the flea period. Keep his fur well groomed utilizing a flea comb. If it’s needed, trim his fur short, this will certainly avoid fleas from jumping in.