It is important that you help your Golden Retriever build and promote his immune system so that he will be healthy and strong enough to ward off different types of diseases. There are different ways by which you can help boost your Golden Retriever’s immune system. Feeding him the right kind of food is one important factor. You might want to read these points to help give your Golden Retriever develop a healthy and strong immune system.

When feeding your Golden Retriever, give him homemade food. Homemade food tastes better and contains more vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. You may also give him canned food as substitute or you may mix them in together. Give him spring water as well for his water intake. Compared to tap water, spring water is better because it contains more minerals that help nourish your Golden.

Dogs love bones and food treats so when giving him a bone, a raw one with a lot of meat on it is best in order for him to promote good jaw definition and develop a set of strong, white teeth. Especially for Golden Retrievers, having strong and healthy teeth is a must. Try giving him a bone each day so he will have a good amount of time chewing on it, thus exercising his jaws and defining his teeth into a stronger and healthier set. You may also use chew toys when playing with your Golden. Some even like to put flavors on their dog’s chew toy for added chewing pleasure.

Moreover, reproductive problems are usual among Golden Retrievers. It can lead to serious complications if nothing is done to correct the problem. You may want to have your male Golden spayed or neutered to keep him from developing any form of reproductive problems. Remember though that a spayed Golden will no longer be capable of breeding, so if you do not plan on breeding your Golden, then spaying him is recommended.

It is also important that to keep your dog healthy, you must have a background of his health condition or, at the very least, know any health issues that he might have. Take your Golden to a check-up with your veterinarian annually. This is one way of ensuring that your Golden is in tip-top condition and keep certain types of diseases at bay. Keeping track of your vet’s diagnoses can help you handle any dog health issues well, should any of these arise.

Healthy Golden Retriever

Healthy Golden Retriever

Your dog’s health can be a testament to how you take care of him, so you should always give it your best so that your dog can also bring out the best of him to you as well. A good and responsible dog owner knows that taking good care of his canine friend is important to make sure that his dog lives a long and healthy life. Giving your Golden Retriever the right kind of food, a comfortable place to stay in and spending quality time with him are necessary for him to become strong, healthy and happy.