Sometimes a pet can fall and break a limb in just the same way that human being can. This can be done from anything from falling down the stairs to a simple fall in the garden. But what can you do when this actually happens when you are not with a private animal hospital? When you animal is needing care without being a member of a vet center this is not much you can do at all.

One of the plus sides to actually being a member of one of these animal surgery places is that if something worse happens like your animal happens to have its leg needed to be removed they actually have blood transfusions available for pets now so they will not lose any blood if they are hit by a car or something like that and have to have a limb removed.

Smaller animals also can have their limbs removed as this is not just a procedure for the bigger animals as many smaller animals have a perfectly normal life after the operation. Wheelie the tortoise is an example of this as she had to have three of her limbs taken away and was fitted with a set of wheels. Apparently since this has been fitted she has started to mate proving that vets really can do their job well in cases like this.

Vets Can Help with a Pets Broken Leg

A cast is a lot better than putting the animal down surely which is why going to a vet when your animal starts to limp could be just a bit of old age arthritis or something more sinister like bone cancer. Bone cancer is a very painful thing for a dog or other animal to have and if you suspect something it is far better to have it amputated than to make the animal suffer in pain.

So if it’s a broken leg or even a heart problem a vet will either treat it with a cast or using pet’s cardiology and make your pet feel that much better!