Taking extra good care of your dog will keep it alive much longer than a dog that is poorly treated. Knowing how to recognize signs that your dog is ill is the best way to prevent a disease from spreading and getting worse.

There is a certain disease that dogs can contract spontaneously which is called vestibular disease. This is basically an inflammation of nerves that connect the ear to the brain.

Some of the first signs that you can notice in your dogs if they have vestibular disease is that they will tilt their heads and they may have a high dog temperature. However, this is not always the case as some dogs with this disease will not show signs until the disease fully kicks in.

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Vestibular Disease In Dogs Prognosis

If you think that your dog has vestibular disease you should make sure that your dog fully has it before treating the dog. The bright side about this disease is that vestibular disease will not likely affect your dog’s life. More often than not, dogs with this disease will go on in life without a problem and will lead a happy and full life just as they would without it.

Generally speaking, most dogs that get vestibular disease will only experience symptoms for a few weeks. This is not always the case but the prognosis of this particular type of disease has a great outcome.

Vestibular Disease In Dogs Symptoms

Noticing the symptoms of this disease can be fairly easy because the vestibular system is responsible for a very precise part of the body. In fact, the vestibular system is responsible for a dog’s balance, stability and general movements. One of the best ways to find out whether your dog has actually come down with this disease is to notice its walking patterns. If a dog looks dizzy and disoriented more than usual you should start thinking about treating the dog.

There are several other symptoms that dogs will have as well such as a loss of appetite, they might fall to one side and they may also begin rolling over for no reason in a non-playful way.

Another symptom that your dog might have is that its eyes will go from left to right and be completely disoriented.

Vestibular Disease In Dogs Treatment

It can become a very scary situation for you to be in if you notice several of the symptoms that are associated to this disease. However, this does not mean that you must worry because the treatment is quite efficient.

Most of the time the treatment that will be provided for the dog will be able to completely remove the symptoms, making it possible for the dog to completely ignore the disease. The treatment itself will depend on the specific symptoms that your dog is experience. For example, if your dog is dizzy and vomiting, you will have to give the dog specific medication to treat those symptoms.

Some medications will require you to administer them through the ear. Keeping your dog in a safe and restful environment is the best way to help it get better. It may take up to two full months of restfulness but the dog will soon be back to its normal self.

Vestibular Disease In Dogs Treatment

Vestibular Disease In Dogs Treatment

Vestibular Disease In Dogs Recovery

Although a dog with vestibular disease will not be at a high risk of dying, it is still important for you to take great care of it.

Make sure that you don’t place the dog in a tiring situation such as going for runs or playing fetch. The more rest that a dog with vestibular disease gets, the faster it will recover.

Remember that worrying is a completely normal thing for a dog owner with a sick dog but in the end your dog will be fine in most cases. Of course there are situations that vestibular disease in dogs can be life threatening but this is only in the most severe cases which is quite rare.