Vaccinations are very important for dogs and German Shepherd dogs, if you have a German Shepherd puppy you need to take him to the vet and care about vaccinations. You have to know first that unnecessary vaccinations can be harmful to you GSD dogs.

Many people are convinced that Vaccinations don’t need every year, and that can damage health. That is right. Actually many shots can make German Shepherd dogs sick and give bad behavior a few days later. But keep in mind that many German Shepherd dogs need to get shots every year or maybe much more and only Vet can determine if it is needed.

Please try to find a good veterinarian who is practicing holistic, alternative, or integrated medicine. Most of these vets will not over-vaccinate your dog, and they’ll help with other health-promoting changes in how you care for your dog. Ask him about vaccinations, healthy meals for German Shepherd dogs, ticks, current health, and heartworm.

Here a list of most common vaccination :

Black German Shepherd