Here are cute, unique dog names perfect for Boston Terriers. Popular Boston puppy names refer to black and white markings, Irish monikers, landmarks, and icons.

Here are cute unique dog names for Boston Terriers. There are many popular and offbeat names that refer to the dog’s black and white markings, Irish roots, local landmarks, and icons. Find perfect names for dogs.

Good Dog Names

Picking out the perfect name for a dog or puppy is a lot of fun. Here are some things to keep in mind when naming a pooch.

  • Dogs with short, one or two syllables, names are easiest to train.
  • Some experts say that a two syllable name which ends in a vowel is best. (Like Lassie or Skippy.)
  • Pick a name that’s easy to shout. (For calling the pup.)
  • Choose a name that fits the dog’s personality.
  • Once a name is picked, use it often, but not when meting out punishment.

Dog Names List

To give Boston Terrier puppies a great name, there are names to avoid.

  • Don’t pick a name for a dog that’s too much like a command. The name Nola sounds too much like “No”. The name Fletch sounds too much like “Fetch”.
  • Avoid cutesy or silly names. It’s embarrassing to call out names like Poopsie or Butterbutt.
  • Some people say to avoid the top ten names. This may not seem to be a problem, but if someone calls Max, every dog may run away from its master.
  • Names like Baby can be a problem. Baby, Tiny, Teensy, Bitsy may not work when the pup grows up. This depends upon Boston’s final adult size.
The Boston Terrier - A Loyal Pet For Life

The Boston Terrier – A Loyal Pet For Life

Black and White Dog

Here are some good names for black and white puppies.

  • Panda
  • Zebra
  • Bandit or Zorro (masklike markings)
  • Tux, Tuxedo, Tuxie, Butler, Dandy, Duds (tuxedo markings on Bostons)
  • Oreo
  • Domino
  • Sox (for white marks or for the team)

Male Dog Names

Many people use Irish names for Boston Terriers because many Bostonians are of Irish descent. There are many great Irish dog names for boys.

  • Baskin (round head or redhead)
  • Begley (little hero)
  • Brady (spirited or handsome)
  • Clancy (red warrior)
  • Clooney (an intriguing rogue, deceitful rogue)
  • Conan (hound, little wolfhound)
  • Conor (lover of hounds)
  • Dougal (black stranger)
  • Fergal or Fergus (manly, brave man)
  • Finley (fair soldier)
  • Hogan (youth, young man)
  • Melvin (Irish chief)
  • Nolan (noble, champion)
  • Riley (valiant warrior used for either male or female)
  • Ronan (little seal)
  • Scully (town crier)
Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Cute Names for Girl Dogs

There are many cute Irish girl names for dogs, it’s so hard to choose. Boston girl dogs are so adorable.

  • Aine or Anya (splendor, brilliance, queen of fairies, pronounced “On-yuh”)
  • Darcy or Darby (for males, too)
  • Kerry (dark hair, dark eyes)
  • Cara (friend)
  • Glenda (lady of the valley, clean and good)
  • Keely (beautiful)
  • Keera (dark hair and brown eyes)
  • Kelly (brave warrior, bright headed, for boy or girl)
  • Kyra (graceful, little dark one)
  • Mona (little noble one)
  • Maggie (pearl, top ten names)
  • Nora (little honorable one)
  • Oona (queen of the fairies, the oo is pronounced like a shoe)
  • Regan (the king’s child, impulsive, furious, for boy or girl)
  • Shauna or Sheena (God is gracious)
  • Teagan (little poet, for boy or girl)

Boston Names

Take a look at these Boston landmarks, nicknames, and old Bostonians:

  • Adams (Samuel Adams)
  • Beacon (Beacon Hill)
  • Beans, Mr. Bean, Beanie (like Boston Baked Beans)
  • Big Dig
  • Blackie or Boston Blackie (Blues Singer)
  • Boston, Boscoe or Bossy
  • Bunker (Bunker Hill)
  • Corkie (like county Cork)
  • Chomsky (Noam Chomsky, a famous professor at MIT)
  • Fenway
  • Harvard (Harvey for short)
  • Kennedy
  • Murphy

It’s impossible to pick a bad name for a cute little Boston Terrier puppy because these spunky little guys are full of magical energy.

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