The Shiba Inu possesses a complex, multi-faceted personality. They have been known to leave many dog owners scratching their heads in bewilderment and pulling their hair in frustration.

Not understanding a dog’s personality can spell disaster in the relationship between dog and owner, and not understanding the Shiba Inu personality can be completely overwhelming and cause you to think you have adopted something other than your average dog. In fact, the Shiba is not your average dog!

If this is you, don’t despair. If you are considering a Shiba, don’t give up, read on. Once you have a clear understanding of the Shiba Inu personality, you will soon have the dog/master relationship you originally thought you were destined for!

A Bit Of Shiba Inu History

Understanding The Shiba Personality

Shiba Inus aren’t the most commonly known dog here in the US, however this breeds popularity is certainly on the rise. In Japan, where the Shiba originally descends from, they are undoubtedly the number one most popular dog.

The Shiba was originally bred to hunt both large and small game. They were often used to flush this game out of the brush and bushes. They were bred to be fearless, agile and independent.

Typically when a dog breed is bred for a specific purpose, those personality traits remain with that breed for generations to come.

How To Recognize The Shiba Zone

Learning How To Understand The Shiba Personality

What in the world is The Shiba Zone?

The Shiba Zone is what some Shiba owners, myself included, call the head scratching behavior they observe and realize their pet has a very complex personality.

How do you know when you have officially entered the Shiba Zone?

  • When your Shiba is suddenly off lead, totally ignores you when called and continues walking down the road never looking back. You no longer exist to your canine BFF.
  • When you give a simple command and your Shiba looks at you as if to say: “Surely you must be talking to another dog…”
  • When you get the snooty stare, head turning away and your beloved Shiba looks past or even worse right through you…as if you no longer exist.
  • You tirelessly attempt to train your Shiba dog to fetch; only to have your dog watch the ball and give you the look. You know, the one that says: “Aren’t you going to get that?”
  • You come home from a long hard day, do all the chores that earn you the luxury of actually sitting down and just doing nothing and your Shiba dog starts running the Shiba 500. You know, running from couch to chair, around the table, up the stairs and back again. Repeatedly. With a purpose only your dog is aware of.

These are a few scenarios that indicate one might be entering the Shiba Zone

You now realize you definitely need help training your Shiba Inu. You thought you gathered all the Shiba Inu facts to get the information you needed to make an educated decision, but no one told you about this complex Shiba Inu personality.

Is My Shiba a Dog or a Cat?

The Feline Aspect of the Shiba Inu Personality

Another facet of the charismatic Shiba Inu personality are the cat-like qualities this breed seems to possess.

Perhaps due in part to that darned independence, they have a grace and arrogance that is very similar to a cat. Maybe your Shiba has penetrated you with that “look straight through you” stare. Or by chance does your Shiba sprawl length-wise across the back of the sofa, staring out the window. You may walk by and listen and almost swear you heard your dog purr.

Don’t worry, it’s typical. So is that cat-like walk and stretch you have observed from your dog. It’s all part of the Shiba Inu personality

That Independence Can Cause Some Headaches

What in the World is a Shiba Scream?

The Shiba Inu independance is a major factor in their complex personality. This need for independence is exhibited in many puppies and quite a few adult Shiba’s. When allowed to be in control of the relationship, the Shiba Inu personality can come across as a prima donna or even a very spoiled child. They want it their way and they want it now.

Similar to a child who has been raised with little or no boundaries, a Shiba without the proper boundaries tends to rule the house with tantrums, erratic behavior and even the legendary Shiba Scream.

Yep, that’s right. There’s a even a name for it. A bone chilling, blood curdling, dog scream that translates to “I Want It My Way And I Want It Now.” If you have never heard it, lucky you. If you’ve had the pleasure, don’t panic, once appropriately trained, your Shiba will be the angelic dog you hoped for and you can have our life back, complete with a well behaved Shiba Inu.