Making your own dog food may not be an easy task as it is time-consuming and may require you to check on a few more details about good dog food ingredients to ensure its safety especially if your dog is that sensitive type. Thus, it is not advisable for people with busy schedule or those who are always on errands but it will be much safer as you would know what exactly is going into your dog’s mouth.  If you remember the massive recall of pet food, you would realize that these processed dog foods may contain unspecified byproducts which do not hold any nutritional value or worse, can even be harmful to your dog.

For a much healthier diet, many owners now choose to provide their pooch homemade recipes which are customized to respond to the specific needs of the dog depending on its age, size and breed. To make this possible, one should be aware of what dog food ingredients to include on the recipe.

A responsible owner would always have in mind the importance of consulting the veterinarian first. They will give you advices on how to prepare well-balanced dog recipes which are easy on the digestive system and what substances are beneficial or harmful to your dog. However, they might miss some details so before you make any mistakes take time to read the tips below.

Dog Food Ingredients

For a well balanced diet, feed your dog 30% go, 30% glow and 40% grow. Now if you have already forgotten about the 3 main groups of food then let me explain that to you. Go foods are carbohydrates, glow are vegetables and grow are protein.  Lean meat like beef is a very good source of protein. You can also give your dog poultry. Make sure though to remove the bones to avoid injuries. Contrary to the old belief that bones are very good for canines, they may even cause your dog internal wounds. It is advisable to give your dog organ meat such as liver for this will give your pet Iron. For the vegetables, it is good to give your pet pumpkin as it contains a very high concentration of vitamin A which is very much needed for good eyesight.  For source of starch, feed your dog with rice or wheat. You may serve your dog recipe with raw ingredients or you may also heat it lightly to retain the meat juices that are also essential for your dog’s health.

Now, knowing what substances may be harmful to your dog is very much needed too. There are many foods that we humans eat safely, like chocolate, which can be poisonous to your dog. Chocolate contains a certain chemical called theobromine which is toxic to your mammal best friend. Coffee and tea have similar effects to your dog.  Onion, which is very common on our dishes, can be fatal too as it will make your dog weak and anemic. Garlic works the same way. As for grapes and raisin, this will cause renal failure so get rid of it too on preparing dog food.

Just follow these tips and use good dog food ingredients and your dog will surely reciprocate your care.