By tradition, it is better for pet dogs to be fed on more meaty and high protein diets. Veterinarians and pet experts alike think that protein and meat rich dog food is ideal for dogs because they will need as much protein nutrients as possible, and that it will aid them in growth, strength, and everything about being healthy.

  • However, there is an ongoing trend towards low protein dog food nowadays. But what’s causing the stir?

There have been studies telling us that there is no direct relationship between high protein diets and kidney problems in pet dogs. The experts behind these studies conclude that there is no concrete evidence linking high protein diets to the deadly effects of renal function in animals, in this case, pet dogs.

  • So what really is the real score on the issue of high protein causing kidney disease?

The real and scientifically based explanation tells us that high protein dog food isn’t really harmful to the dog’s kidneys, or its health. When the animal is fed with the same, what happens is that the body will be capable enough of digesting and then metabolizing protein. In simple terms, the dog’s digestive system is able to break down protein, even in the highest amounts.

  • Nitrogen on the other hand is then released as a byproduct, and in this case, through urination.

The reason why many pet owners seem to favor low protein dog food is because it has always been a misconception that too much protein will practically cause the kidneys to overwork. But this isn’t really the case.

The thing is nitrogen is regarded as the harmful element that can cause something harmful to the dog’s system. However, the same element is excreted so long as the kidneys still work properly.

  • So why choose low protein dog food?

To be fair in argument, there is also a rational explanation and rationale when opting for low protein dog food. For instance, a high protein diet may also correspond to a higher intake of salt and other preservatives. If this is the case, the dog’s kidneys are under a real threat.

  • That’s why a lesser protein diet would normally mean lesser salt and preservatives as well.

Moreover, the actual principle behind low protein dog food basically revolves around better quality protein. It means that there is actually no need to limit the amount of protein in the food, but instead, to make sure that the same is of better quality. In turn, a good and high quality protein ingredient means there is less nitrogen byproduct.

Therefore, what we are advocating is not restricting protein intake in dogs, but limiting the intake of protein related stuff such as nitrogen and phosphorus. These two are the harmful elements that can lead to kidney abnormalities in dogs.

But only if dog food manufacturers stick to high quality protein, there’s really no issue on dog’s kidneys and how the kind of food they eat can provide adverse effects on them, both on short and long term effects.