Almost everyone likes to travel — and dog-lovers are no exception. So why not combine these two pleasures and invite your dog to come along on your journeys too!

If you have a large dog, then perhaps traveling by car or RV might be best. But if your companion on the road is a Yorkshire Terrier, then there are a lot more possibilities and perks available while you are out exploring the world together. For instance, many hotels and motels can easily be talked into taking Yorkies as their guests because of their size — and it also doesn’t hurt any that Yorkies are so cute. But the main advantage to traveling with Yorkshire Terriers is that they are so small that most airlines let them travel right inside the airplane cabin with you.

Each airline has its own policies regarding in-cabin air travel for dogs, so contact your chosen air carrier before you fly rather than be surprised at the airport. However, the over-all policy for most airlines seems to be that a fee is charged; one that is generally less than what would have been charged if your Yorkie were to be flying downstairs with the luggage. Plus there will far less trauma for your dog.

Many airports also have special dog-friendly areas where your dog can go for “relief” as well.

Traveling with Yorkshire Terriers by air can be faster than traveling by ground transportation — plus it’s a lot more fun when you are flying together.