Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed that originated from the Yorkshire area of England in the early 1800’s. Popular in both Europe and America they were actually one of the first breeds approved by the American Kennel Club in 1878. Yorkies are loved by many enthusiastic owners because of their bold and energetic but affectionate personality; with a hypoallergenic coat they suit even people with dog hair allergies. You’ll find training your Yorkie puppy to be a fun and loving experience with these adventurous little dogs!

Choosing Your Yorkie Puppy

Choosing your first Yorkshire Terrier from the hundreds of amazingly lovable Yorkie puppies can seem a daunting experience. It’s difficult not to adore every one you see! First you need to decide on the size you would like, from Toy sized (around 6-10”) right up to standard (14”-18”) sized. It’s worth noting that while Yorkies are quite long lived and can live around 12-14 years but much smaller dogs can have shorter life spans and be prone to more health issues.

Once you have found your perfect companion you should start training your Yorkie puppies as soon as you get home. A puppy should not be separated from its mother before about 6-8 weeks and before 10 weeks should be properly socialized with other dogs and animals as well as humans. If your puppy has not been socialized then it’s one of the most important parts of training Yorkie puppies.

Training a Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

You can start potty training your dog once it’s old enough. Yorkie puppies can be active and easily distracted so it’s important to keep training them in small but frequent sessions. A popular method of housebreaking is crate training Yorkie puppies, some people do not agree with this method however. Yorkies do learn very quickly and once housebroken will be careful not to make a mess in their home. But small dogs with small bladders accidents will happen if left at home for long periods.

Becoming the alpha dog in the pack is one of the most important tasks you need to do when training Yorkie puppies. This sort of activity need to be done early in your puppies training and also reinforced throughout their lives. If your puppy is nipping or biting then a clear sharp whining noise will demonstrate that it hurts, many puppies only want to play and will adjust their behavior so as not to hurt their “alpha” pack leader. Do not let your Yorkie do other activities that may undermine your leadership. For example do not let them onto the bed or couch with you, always walk through doors first and always be strict if they bite or are aggressive over toys or food.

Safely Training a Yorkie

Because Yorkies are brave beyond their size and very inquisitive and Yorkshire Terrier puppy can be a handful to manage.  You need to train them early to not chase cars. Properly teaching your Yorkie puppy to keep on the sidewalk and to keep walking to heel as well as respond to stop commands will keep your Yorkie safe. It’s important to properly train your Yorkshire terrier to help keep them safe.

Yorkshire Terrier Training

Yorkshire Terrier Training

The Importance of Training a Yorkie

I hope the advice above will help you with training Yorkie puppy. While it may seem a lot of effort and perhaps not very fun for the dog itself, it is important you help your puppy learn these basics at an early age.