Teething is one of the most common training tips among Golden Retrievers. Golden puppies are fond of chewing and will chew anything they can get their mouths on. While many dog owners prefer to use chew toys for teething their Golden puppies, there is another way by which you can train your puppy to chew properly as well as to help him ease the pain that normally comes with teething.

To begin with, simply fill a clean, used sock with ice cubes. Then tie a knot around the ends of the socks and put it in the freezer. Give your Golden puppy the sock once it starts chewing on objects. This will now serve as his new chew toy. You can store more ice cube-filled socks in your freezer if you like so that your puppy will always have something to chew on. While this idea is great for your puppy, never leave him alone when chewing it. He may rip and chew off the sock and may swallow pieces of it, which can lead to internal obstruction.

You can also leash train your dog as well. Many people, when leash training, make the mistake of attaching the leash to their dog and then dragging him into a specific direction. This technique actually sends a wrong signal to your Golden puppy. The right thing that you should do is to get your puppy to become familiar with the collar and the leash first. To do this, simply put on his collar and leash inside the house or outside a fenced spot with an ample space for him to walk around and move about freely. Your puppy should then be able to drag the collar and leash alongside him.

Once you have given him enough time, you can pick up the leash and start calling him to come to you. When he does come to where you want him to go, praise him so that he will know that he is doing well. Praising your Golden will also boost his confidence and encourage him to do better. Leash training may take quite some time and be somewhat frustrating during the first few tries so you always have to be patient. Consistent practice can help your Golden to become familiar to your commands.

Another training tip that your Golden Retriever will love is digging around. Goldens love digging, as it is inherent in them. However, it can also be a problem if you do not give your dog an appropriate and ample area where he can dig, as he might dig holes somewhere else. Also, if you keep your dog inside your house, chances are that he might dig in your floor or furniture.

Your Golden Retriever  Training Tips

Your Golden Retriever Training Tips

To help satisfy his need for digging get him a kiddie pool, a box filled with soil or sand or a spot where he can dig. You may also want to try burying a toy or food treat inside so that he will be more excited to dig it out. By then, your puppy should learn where he would be digging when he needs to. Remember to train your dog with obedience as he becomes older to control his digging habits.
The following tips mentioned can be of great help when training your Golden puppy. All you need is extra patience and perseverance to achieve positive results. Golden Retrievers are generally intelligent dogs, but they also need guidance and time to catch up. Once your Golden will have been properly trained, you can consider yourself blessed to have a great canine companion as your Golden Retriever.