Now that you have purchased your perfect little companion, it’s time to start thinking about training your new Yorkshire Terrier before it develops any bad habits. A Yorkie can be trained as soon as 8 weeks old. Some can be trained sooner if the owner sees that the dog shows comprehension of words.

Training Techniques For Yorkshire Terriers are similar to techniques for training other dog breeds. The most important tip to remember is to have patience with the Yorkie. A patient trainer is more likely to receive a positive response from the dog during training. Becoming upset with the Yorkie, could cause the dog to recoil from the trainer. Training Techniques For Yorkshire Terriers should always be positive followed by a reward. A Yorkie will understand that it successfully executed a given command if it is immediately followed by a reward such as a favorite treat or praise.

It is important to remain consistent with your Yorkie even if you are not in a training session. If your Yorkie finds an easier way of being given what it wants, all the training up to that point may go to waste. Consistency will remind the dog to continue with what it has learned so far.

Training Techniques For Yorkshire Terriers can be successfully completed through consistent and frequent session. With patience and reward, the dog can be trained in just a matter of weeks. For those who may find it difficult, help is available from professionals for you and your Yorkie.