Training dachshund is very essential as these dogs are strong willed than other dogs. These dogs are most adopted because of their strong independence trait. These strong traits make their training a difficult one. Hence training these breed needs a bit of firmness, patience and consistency. While training this dog some times these dogs may ignore your commands.

This behavior should not be ignored as the goal is to make the dog listen to the command and respond to it properly. Hence a persistent command is required while training the dog. Often changing the method of teaching will bore and confuse the breed. It will also decelerate the process so consistency is important in the training of dachshund. Dogs get used to the fewer syllables easily so one word biddings are always recommended during the training.

Training dachshund is a slow and firm process. Never impose many commands at a time. Before going on training a new command make sure that the dog has learnt the previous one completely and obeying for it. It is necessary to refresh the memory of the dog with old and previous commands on a regular basis. It is suggested not to train the dog more than ten minutes and not more than three times a day.

After every training session the dog should be rewarded with biscuit or something else as a token of appreciation for its attitude. The dog should love the training session it should not resent about it. Don’t punish the dog for not obeying the commands try to teach it patiently. A desirable result will be achieved if the dachshund dog experiences a positive training.