If you are a brand new pit bull puppy owner, congratulations! Having a new puppy in the home can be quite a handful. Puppies need a lot of love and training and new owners need a lot of patience. But owning a dog from a young pup means the dog will grow under your guidance and become your best friend for life. If you’re looking for some fun facts and helpful tips to begin training, check out these quick notes on how to train a pitbull puppy.

Step 1: Prepare the Home

Pit Bulls are not the most energetic breeds in the world, but they do need plenty of exercise, especially in their formative years. The difference between letting a pit bull puppy out to play is that they need positive outlets. Pit bulls need space to play and lots of attention—not just toys. So the first step is to have a ready home, time to help your pit bull grow, and a leash for walks outside. They can become couch potatoes as adults and don’t need a huge backyard, but if they can’t release their energy they can turn to chewing things in the house—just like any other breed can.

Step 2: Know the dog traits

The best way to properly and efficiently train any dog is to know their characteristics and how to handle them. Pit bulls are responsible and love to learn. They can be easily trained with the right tools and care. They are very resourceful and driven. They don’t give up easily and you may seem them become determined to jump the fence and explore outside! Pit bulls have a great sense of humor and love attention. They remain active but like down time as well, especially on your lap or getting a belly rub.

Step 3: Try classes and tests

Pit bulls are not aggressive toward humans and are generally caring and gentle. However, some owners have raised pit bulls to be aggressive and unfriendly. That is why it is recommended to get a pit bull’s temperament evaluated if you are adopting an adult or older pit bull. If they haven’t been properly socialized or if they’ve been previously neglected, they can become aggressive and will need extra care and rehabilitation. For pit bull puppies, getting them involved straight away in obedience classes is a great idea. They need to be socializing with other dogs from an early age.

Step 4: Buy toys and tools

After obedience classes have gone underway, you can take training into your own hands as a new pit bull owner. As mentioned, pit bulls are great at learning and will be determine to succeed. Purchasing little treats as rewards is a great tool, as well as buying a clicker tool to help the process along.

Learning how to train a pit bull puppy is simple once you have taken the right steps. Training a pit bull undergoes the same steps as just about any breed. All an owner needs is the right space, time, patience, tools and care. After that, you’ll have a smart, obedient pit bull which makes for great pets for children and companions for all.