Congratulations on becoming a new pitbull owner. Pitbulls are energetic, intelligent and loving pets to have in your home. Training any dog can be a daunting task at first but it is always possible with the right tools. Training a pitbull is much like other puppies, and the most important first step is knowing what to do as an owner. Pitbulls are very intelligent and therefore will often go to different energy channels or do something their own way. Training your pitbull for obedience is an essential step for having a happy, healthy and obedience pitbull adult.

Good training items to have are:

  • Harness
  • Strong, short leash
  • Training treats
  • Clicker

Knowing Who’s Boss

The first step to having control over your dog is learning who’s boss. This goes for the owner and the puppy. When the owner has strong sense of self and strong body language, the dog can easily pick up on that energy. It will copy the owner’s behavior and learn from any nonverbal cues. Stay confident and do not promote excited behavior in your pitbull. When walking, use a strong yet short leash to keep your pitbull beside you. Do not let him walk in front of you or take control. Hold the leas steady but with slack. Remember that your dog is along for the ride with you, not the other way around. This way, it will hone in on your energy and fall into a more submissive position.

Reward Good Behavior

Pitbulls respond very well to clickers. Reward your pitbull with the sound of a clicker when it is obedient and showing a calm, submissive energy. Use this when taking your dog for walks and when it listens to your commands. You can also try using dog treats as rewards but keep food treats minimum and in bite-sized pieces.

The Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies

Exercise is Key

Guaranteeing daily exercise will make training much easier because your pitbull will be able to focus its attention on you, resulting in an obedient puppy. Releasing the puppy’s energy will help both you and the dog grow together. Exercise can be letting it run around before moving on to obedience-training type of exercise such as walking on a leash or playtime.

Socialize your Pitbull Puppy

All dogs should have some type of socialization, especially from an early age. But because of the aggressive energy pitbulls can sometimes portray with other dogs, it’s very important pitbulls are around other dogs from early staged onward. When your dog becomes more relaxed around other stimuli and socializes, it will become more confident dealing with protecting its pack and will become a more obedient pitbull.

Play Time is Important

Just like socializing with other dogs is important, your pitbull needs play time with its owner. Structuring a playtime regime can help reinforce boundaries with your pitbull. They love attention and playtime so this step will help it grow into an obedient and happy pitbull adult.