I’m sure you’ll agree that Chihuahua puppies are the cutest little dogs you’ll ever adopt. Your heart melts just to look at them but if you want to raise a Chihuahua who is both incredibly cute and well behaved it is best to start training them right away.

How Do You Training A Chihuahua Puppy? Start Immediately…That’s How!

From the very first day your puppy becomes a part of your family, you need to follow the right steps which I will explain here to help your new Chi understand the rules.

A Chihuahua puppy is most receptive to training between seven weeks and 12 months of age. If you let them get away with bad behavior for a little bit, it will only confuse them when you finally start trying to training them.

Your puppy’s enthusiasm to learn everything you try to teach it will amaze you and this include the bad habits you inadvertently teach it through not starting training straight away. Do yourself a favor and start now.

Training Yourself First

Chihuahua puppies are smart, loyal little dogs and they want to make happy. However, to give your Chi the best possible chance of becoming a obedient, friendly and house trained adult you need to consider one important principle:

To train your Chihuahua puppy right way, you first need to train your to do it right.

How To Train A Chihuahua At Home As Well As Any Professional Dog Trainer

As smart as they are, Chihuahuas can’t train themselves. You want a well happy, healthy and well behaved Chi; your puppy wants the same but it’s up to you teach them in a way which makes sense to them and doesn’t confuse them.

The 3 Principles Of Successful Chihuahua Puppy Training

Use Positive Reinforcement – Young Chihuahuas are just like babies. They feel good inside any time they “get something right”. However, they won’t realise they got it right except if you tell them and praise them for doing so.

Be Consistent – You may sometimes think otherwise, but dogs don’t speak your language. When they learn a command it through repetition of the same command word and then the praise they get for doing what you ask. If you are inconsistent and use different command words for the same action, this will just confuse your puppy.

Become The Alpha Leader – Before you start training your puppy, you establish you are the leader and your puppy is the follower. If you don’t, it will be the other way around and you will have a lot of trouble.