Rottweilers are commonly used as tracking dogs due to their willingness to follow the human smell. The game itself isn’t a competitive one and so you don’t have to stress about competing against other folks. You are giving your dog something to do and to check its capability. The Rotty has often been used as a working dog and due to that, it does require some quantity of psychological and physical kick.

Tracking gives the breed the opportunity to think about something and you need to find that it doesn’t get bored too quickly and it’ll happily follow a smell for ages. But the sole thing that you need to remember it is frequently better to start your Dog off at a tender age if you’d really like to use them for tracking. This is as they can be reasonably headstrong and so proper coaching does must be given. To train your Dog to become a tracking dog, it’ll take patience. You must start by letting them sniff their favorite toy.

After they have smelt it, hide it in a noticeable place for the moment where they can see it. Then give them the command to “Find” the toy. They should run directly to it and pick it up. Praise them and repeat it a couple more times. When they have begun to get the point you may then start hiding the toy a little farther away. That’s fundamentally all that it takes to educate your Rotty to find something based primarily on its smell. Always permit them to sniff whatever it is they are on the lookout for before you hide it. It may seem apparent it is simple to make little mistakes like this when you’re first starting.

Overall Rottweilers can make good tracking dogs and they do have the capability to follow a smell for many miles for several miles for kilometers. You’ll need to make sure you purchase all the correct hardware and if you’re serious about tracking then you might be able to find a local tracking club near you. They are going to be able to tell you about approaching events, ways to train your Rottweiler to correctly track and give you any tips that you might find helpful.

How Does Rottweiler Training Look Like?