A dog owner surely wants to give the best for his/her beloved pet by providing nutrient-rich foods. Nutritional imbalance or insufficiency may lead the dog to suffer from serious diseases. There are plenty of dog food brands in the market, but you must not choose randomly. Some of the best dog food brands are listed below.

Contents at a Glance

Blue Buffalo

The best thing from Blue Buffalo is its Lifesource Bits which is a combination of antioxidant and nutrient formulated by animal nutritionist and veterinarians. Some popular varieties from the brands include Life Protection Formula (age and size-specific), Blue Wilderness (low carbohydrate yet high protein), and Blue Homestyle Recipe (natural ingredients). Blue Buffalo also offers grain-free and low protein dog foods.


There are some reasons why Canidae is one of the best dog food brands in the market. First, its products are formulated with human-grade ingredients. Second, the foods are processed in USDA approved facilities. Based on studies conducted by Food Safety Audits and Silliker Good Manufacturing, the facilities used by Canidae consistently achieve an almost perfect score (95% or above).


Innova brings forward holistic health approach and implements it in all formulations. Their products contain all essential nutrients including fruits, vegetables, vitamin E, fatty acids, and protein. Besides, Innova offers two major varieties which are 100% whole grain and grain-free dog foods. Regardless of the type, the products do not contain preservatives, corn, soy, filler, and dangerous types of meat by-products.

Natural Balance

The greatest thing about Natural Balance is that its entire dog food varieties are made from natural ingredients. A wide range of products are available, such as organic, grain-free, stew, and vegetarian dog foods. The company started the pet foods business in 1989 and it is recognized one of the best dog food brands in the world.

Royal Canine

Royal Canine has been dealing in pet food industry since 1967. The brand offers a wide range of dog foods, and each of them is created for specific dog size and breed. According to the company’s website, each product contains at least 50 nutrients that are included in perfect balance in order to satisfy specific needs of specific pets. Royal Canine also provides veterinary and professional breeder products.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold is a reputable brand from the perspectives of both consumers and nutritionists. The brand offers 8 categories of dog foods, and all of them are formulated specifically for dogs with allergic problems and high sensitiveness. All products do not use flavor enhancers and chemical preservatives. Some preferable varieties from Solid Gold include Barking at the Moon, Hund-N-Flocken, and Wolfking.


Various categories of dog foods are available from Wellness including the size or breed-specific and protein-focused products. It also offers Simple Food Solutions, which are formulated specifically for dogs with allergic problems. Every product is free from preservatives, artificial flavors, meat by-products, and fillers.

Best Dog Food for Dachshunds

Best Dog Food for Dachshunds


The ingredients and nutrition facts utilized by those best dog food brands are almost similar to each other for the same categories, such as breed/size-specific, types of dog foods, allergic issues, etc. This ensures that there is only a very small difference in the overall quality of all dog foods produced by those brands. In other words, they are equally promising.