Beside love, dog also need a healthy food consumption to support its daily activity. The age and the number of the activity determine how much food a dog has to eat. As the instant way, there are many dog food companies that provide the dog owner with various dog food options. For another option or even for those who don’t want to serve their dog with instant food, it is a brilliant idea to formulate a homemade healthy wet dog food. Here are top 6 tips for homemade healthy wet dog food.

Well Balanced Macro Nutrition

Like human food, dog food also needs balance nutrition on each meal. With balanced nutrition, it will fulfill the power need, the recovery need and also the maintain need. For this case, carbohydrate is the nutrition for power need. Grain and vegetables are the main option for the carbohydrate. For protein, animal meat, seafood, dairy product or eggs can be added to the recipe. For the fat need, it is usually taken from the plant oils, egg yolks, etc.

Good Composition of Micro Nutrition

It can’t be neglected that dog also needs micro nutrition in the daily meals. Vitamins are also important that influences the absorption of the macro nutrition into the body. Meanwhile, minerals are also needed to maintain the organs in the optimal work. The minerals like calcium, copper, iron, and zinc are very essential in the body health and also strengthening the bones. The vitamins and minerals can be obtained from the vegetables and also the fruits.

Good Food Portion

Dog in different age, different size, different species, and different activities needs different food meal. In young age, the important nutrition is for body growth. For this reason, carbohydrates and protein may take more portions on the meal. While for adult age, many activities forces the dog to eat more balance nutrition includes carbohydrate, protein, and fat, bigger dog size certainly needs more daily meals.

Choosing The Right Raw Food

Before formulating the wet meal for the dog, it important to pay attention to the raw food before it is processed. The right raw food determines how much calories that is going to get into the dog’s body. For example, to avoid too much body fat, it might be useful to serve the chicken without the skin. It is also important to serve good fat such as the dairy product rather than fried meal for the dog. Another point is that the healthy cooking process determines the homemade healthy wet dog food. Wrong cooking can result the broken nutrition and also plain taste wet meal.

Good Carbohydrate Serving

Complex carbohydrate is believed to provide longer energy. For a dog with many activities, the same portion of complex carbohydrate as the simple one has less calorie than the simple one. It is good to complete your dog diet with it. You need to make sure that you cook well the raw carbohydrate source before mixing it into the wet meal.

Enough Water

Water is the also the food to cover all body need. Mixing small amount of water into the other food can be another option. You can also try to put the water in the other container s that the dog can reach it after the meal. In other word, water is also the important for the homemade healthy wet dog food.