The trend of having small dogs is on the rise and most of the people prefer to go with smallest dog breed. These dogs are best for cramped spaces and small homes. You can easily carry these dogs anywhere with you and they are adorable animals. But keep in mind that every dog comes with different challenges and these dogs require equivalent amount of training and similar activities. We are going to discuss some of the best smallest dog breed and these are also among the top dog breeds. At the end of the article, we are going to discuss some valuable advice for selecting the right breed for your house.

List Of Smallest Dog Breed

We are going to discuss different smallest dog breed and you can choose the best one for you.

Yorkshire Terrier

When it comes to smallest dog breed, Yorkshire Terier is one of most popular breeds. One of the most important attractions of this dog breed is its long silky hair and you must have seen this dog in different Hollywood movies where it is always used as a purse dog. This dog is the best gift for your children birthday and it is one of the most loved smallest dog breed.


Pomeranian is one of the smallest dog breed having a great personality and these are known for their energetic behavior. These are among the top dog breeds and they are preferred by people around the globe. Pomeranians are loyal to their loved ones and they have a bossy nature, so make sure to have an upper hand on your dog. These dogs are best for those who want an energetic dog which can lie on their lap and play around with lot of energy.


Poodle is one of the smallest dog breed which is famous for its unique hair style and cut. These dogs were preferred by the aristocracy and they have been mentioned quite much in the history. Poodle has a fancy and attractive appearance because of which many people underestimate its intelligence. Moreover this smallest dog breed is available in three different sizes including toy, standard, and miniature size. So if you are looking for small dog, this the perfect breed for you.

This smallest dog breed is known for its small size and great personality. These dogs are lovable and have a “tough dog” attitude. These dogs are very active and you can enjoy playing with them. Keep in mind that these dogs are not made for everyone and you may need to provide extra training to these dogs. With careful training, this smallest dog breed can be your best companion.


Pug is one of the most famous smallest dog breed and its cute appearance makes it very popular. These are highly playful and have a jovial nature. Pugs were considered to be the long term companion and these were the companions of the Monks in Tibet. Pugs are energetic, affectionate little dogs which makes them one of the most popular smallest dog breed. The only issue with pugs includes their health problems including eye disease or breathing problems.