Low maintenance is a frequently used catch phrase in our modern busy lives, so why not low maintenance dogs? So to help you chose a dog that fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle, here is a list of 5 fuss-free furry friends.

Great Dane

Having owned, bred and shown Great Danes for many years I would definitely agree that these are easy dogs to have, despite appearances! While actively involved in showing I used to refer to them as “pick up and go dogs” after seeing the lengths fellow competitors with long fluffy coated dogs had to go to.

While strongly built and quite muscular, they are sensitive gentle dogs. Due to their size it is vital to start training at a young (and small!) age. But with the Dane’s willingness to please its person this is not difficult and they are generally obedient dogs.

They have a short tight easy to groom coat. They do shed but all that’s needed is a little extra brushing. A wipe down with a damp cloth puts a nice shine on the coat too!

They aren’t high energy dogs so a daily walk is a good idea. For the rest of the day they will be your average couch potato! Strenuous exercise when they are still growing is to be avoided. You don’t need a large garden to have a Great Dane – just large furniture!

Great Danes can adapt to living anywhere (including apartments), are protective, make good watchdogs (the size being a good deterrent without the vicious nature) and good family dogs.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

This people-oriented dog enjoys affection and attention, is intelligent, charming, charismatic and sociable. He makes a good family companion and watchdog, and will get on well with other animals if introduced correctly.

The Boston is not a high energy breed and needs only moderate exercise. Active sports should be avoided until he is fully grown. He should also be socialized and trained from an early age. They adapt easily to any living environment. Being a sociable breed they should not be left on their own for long periods of time.

The Boston’s short, fine coat is easily maintained with a few good brushings a week.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in the US according to the AKC and considered the ultimate family dog. They are affectionate, cheerful, generally gentle and patient with children, sociable and intelligent. His eagerness to please combined with this intelligence makes him easy to train.

They do need exercise and stimulation and there’s a variety of activities they enjoy including obedience, agility, retrieving, tracking, and of course swimming owing to their love of water! Regular exercise also helps with the breed’s tendency to gain weight.

The Labrador has a short, straight easy to groom coat. They may need some extra brushing while going through their seasonal shed.

Short-coated Chihuahua

Although the smallest dog breed they are generally confident and fearless. They are alert, affectionate, agile and intelligent. With this strong personality early training and socializing is important. The Chihuahua loves affection and will very often have one special person in the family.

The smooth-coated variety has a short glossy coat that is easy to groom making them a very low maintenance dog. The fact that they are so easy to care for also makes them one of the most popular breeds.

They don’t need much exercise with a good run around the house or garden being sufficient. This makes them well suited to apartments, townhouses or houses with small gardens. They will easily adapt to most living conditions.




The Pug is another well-known and popular breed. Pugs are easy-going, tolerant and affectionate, good with children, quickly becoming a devoted family dog. They need training from an early age or they can become a little wilful.

Although only needing moderate exercise, this should not be neglected as they do have a tendency to gain weight. Being a brachycephalic (or flat nosed) dog he can’t tolerate extreme temperatures and should not be exercised in the heat. He should be kept indoors and warm in cold weather. That cute flat nose also means he may snuffle and snore a bit!

The pug has a short fine coat only needing an occasional brushing. However his face wrinkles will need to be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. This is easy to do with a damp cloth. Giving him an all-over wipe down with a damp cloth is also an easy way to keep his short coat clean.

He will adapt easily to either town or country living.

While these dogs are certainly easier to care for than many other breeds, they do still need to be cared for responsibly. All dogs need general care such as good food and shelter, grooming, socialising, veterinary attention, exercise, stimulation and lots of love!