There are many dog lovers across the globe. Depending on your interest you can choose to buy a big watch dog or small pup. Even small dogs like dachshunds can be good watch good if they are trained properly. It is really advised to feed puppies with great care and attention.

As a puppy dachshunds eat a lot. The more they eat the more they should have physical activity and exercise. It is advised to follow a proper diet chart for your puppy. You can check with your veterinarian regarding diet chart for your dachshund pup.

It is good to start with protein and vitamins based food right from their 2 month to make sure their bone and muscle is strong. As a puppy it will eat a lot, it is advised to feed in small portions to avoid digestion problems. Also keep the bowl clean from germs because dachshund puppies are prone to infection and diseases. You can train these dachshund pups with the help of dog groomers or dog trainers. Being a miniature dachshund it should be fed in little amount and when it grows to an adult you can feed it according to its needs.

The more it takes food the more it should have physical activity. There are many commercial foods available which are specifically for these small pups. Consult with your veterinarian before choosing or changing the food type for your dachshund puppy. When a dachshund pup is 3 months it is advised to feed it 2-3 times a day. As it grows older it is advised to feed it 1-2 times a day. Feeding Dachshunds is an easy task.