Personally preparing healthy dog food for your four-footed best friend can be a much practical and healthy alternative to the processed dog food in the market. Being capable of knowing and choosing what ingredients come with dog food can be very favorable to pet owners whose dogs have certain dietary requirements.

However, in making your own dog food you have to consider a few guidelines to ensure the safety of your pet. First and foremost, you have to consult your veterinarian before beginning any homemade diet. You have to know what specific ingredients are beneficial or harmful to your dog and keep in mind that these furry friends are like our human friends too. They never deserve eating scraps or leftovers.

Always serve them with fresh foods. Never forget though that what is good for your human friends may not be the same with your dogs as they have a much different body mechanism. For instance, chocolate which is okay with us humans may cause death to our dogs. Be reminded that onion and grapes should never be added to dog food as well. Onion can make them anemic while grapes act like alcohol to dogs while causing more toxicity that may lead to paralysis.

The Ideal and Best Dog Food for Puppies

Here are some other tips on preparing healthy dog food.

  • The risk you have to take in preparing homemade dog food is that the meal may not be well-balanced or that you may not be aware of what certain foods are not safe for your dog so as we have already mentioned, before switching to a complete natural diet it is important for the owner to consult the vet first. Also, the switch should not be abrupt. Gradually feed the dog with homemade food so as to avoid unwanted physical reactions such as allergy.
  • Always make sure that your dog receives a balanced meal for optimum health. It is advisable to have your dog eat 40 % lean meat, 30% vegetables and 30% starch- a complete go-glow-grow meal. Organ meats like liver and kidney are especially healthy for them. Eggshell is also a very nutritious addition to dog food. When mixing it however don’t forget to crush the shell to avoid cutting your dog’s tongue.
  • Serve your dog fresh meats like beef or for poultry buy chicken. Remember to remove the bones because like eggshell, it may also pose a risk of wounding your dog’s internal tissues.
  • It is also safe to feed your dog with green beans as it is a very good source of chlorophyll which is very good for your dog but keep it low as it may cause intestinal problems. For a good source of starch, give your dog the starchy part of a plant that can be easily digested. Examples are rice, corn or wheat.
  • You may nosh your dog with raw food or slightly cook it to retain the nutrients and avoid the loss of vitamins and natural juices on the meat.
  • You may prepare dog food that you may serve for two days. Never exceed that because the food might be spoiled by then. Put it in the fridge when not in use.

Follow these rules in preparing healthy dog food and your pet will surely be much healthier.