Dog is a good friend for human because it can make us feel happy and it accompany anywhere we go, if you are having small dog or tiny dog of course it will be fun, in this article review we will share the best dog food for small dogs. There are many dog foods that you can choose but you can’t choose randomly. When you are choosing randomly it will be bad to your small dog. We don’t know what your dog’s needs and what the nutrition it is. Small dog has different size, shapes and personalities so, the dog food can’t choose randomly.

When we want to feeding our dog especially our small dog of course we have to know the dog’s character first. You have to know your dog’s character like has small size or have short mouth and beard so you can decide the right dog food for it. In here there is some best dog food for small dogs that recommended for your tiny dog. So, here they are;

  • Dry kibble dog food, this dog food has more carbohydrate and starch. It is very good for small dog with smaller portion and this dog food has more nutrition. The best dry kibble dog foods such are James Wellebeloved. This dog food has cranberry and hypoallergenic for small dog with urinary troubles and for particular breeds. Fish4 Dogs is dog food that has high Omega 3 and is grain free. You can also choose Arden Grange when you are having small dog with small mouth because this dog food is recommended. Arden Grange can make your small dog is attractive and the ingredients of this dog food made by natural ingredients. For dry kibble dog food you can also choose Royal Canin. This dog food has high quality and also has mini bite variety.
  • Canned dog food, for your small dog with small mouth you can choose canned dog food. The best canned dog food like Blue Buffalo, Pedigree, Lily’s Kitchen, Applause, Arden Grange and many more. The most popular canned dog food is Cesar and Gourmet.
  • Organic food, to your small dog you can also choose organic food which is free from pesticide, hormones and antibiotic.
  • Raw food or Barf diet, it is dog food for small dog when you want to make your dog eat natural food. This is good feeding method because animal in the wild do not eat cooked food like dry kibble or canned dog food.
  • Natural diet, maybe for your small dog you could also choose natural diet food. Natural diet food could be found on real meat, vegetables and fruits. You can also added omega and vitamins on natural diet food.

Having small dogs or tiny dogs of course we have to be careful for choosing their food. We cannot choose dog food randomly because it can influence our dog’s health and activities.