I love my dogs and am constantly looking for better ideas and ways to help make them happy. I like to hope they have made it to the big time being in my home and care.

As I read through articles, listen to other dog owners and my vet, I have a list some of my favorites dog training tips. There is no science to it, I am not a professional, veterinarian or dog trainer, but always willing to take advice on how to train my dogs to be the best they can be.

As puppies, my two had a late start in training due to inherited health issue, make sure your dog or puppy is healthy before trying to train to your expectations for best results

Try these tips to start training your dog:

  • Be committed – So many times, I have stressed don’t get a puppy or dog if you or the person you are thinking about getting a dog for is not fully committed to caring for it. Without commitment, you will never be able to train your pet to your satisfaction. Being loving and committed to your dog gives you the determination and drive to achieve and do what needs to be done for your dog’s training to be successful.
  • Be positive – As hard as it may seem at times, it it imperative that you be positive while training your dog. Dogs only want to please their owners. Being patient and positive and keeping that “never give up” attitude, you and your dog will get great results. Praise often when you observe good behavior and create a positive atmosphere as much as possible. Accidents will happen–be patient, some bad behaviors like chewing and digging go away with age.
  • RewardsDogs love treats like biscuits. While training my two pups, they often got half biscuits (watch those calories) and training bits. Whenever they responded to a command they knew they would be rewarded. As they progress, treat less often. When my dogs were first given treats during training, we had them accept their treat in the same spot. To this day four years later, when I praise them for something extra special, the go to their treat spot and sit (I give in). Being committed, consistent, positive attitude, and prepared with rewards (treats and praise) will assist in your training goals.

There are many more categories for tips on training your dog or puppy. Keep up to date as we add new tips and ideas for caring for your dog.