As a dog owner, providing good food for our pet is a natural willingness and a kind of responsibility when we choose to own a furry companion. So, it is not surprising that we want to buy the best dog food for our pet. Unfortunately, we usually trap to good advertisement. We must be aware of them. Here are the three traps we usually fall into.

The first is price. We tend to buy more expensive dog food and hope that the more money we spent, more qualified food we get. Sadly, it should be said that there is no correlation between quality and price. In marketplace, pricing is about the branding of the product. The cleverer the marketing tricks the more expensive the price of the products is. The second is premium. Some brands intentionally put a premium label to their product to attract potential customer to buy the product. Happily, it works. People who don’t have financial problem tend to buy premium food for their pet. Unfortunately there is actually no standard of what is called premium products agreed by manufacturers. So, actually a premium product from certain brand might be rate as a poor product  by others (reviewer) since the standard is subjective. The last is natural. It is the same as premium, natural is another unregulated word in its use in pet food industry. The manufacturer even could use bad ingredients (rendered meat) in their menu and still put a natural label in their packaging. Some manufacturer already aware of the use of this word and change it into “No Artificial Colors and Flavors”. So, from now on be aware of those three labels.

There is actually a simple guideline when you want to buy dog food. You can ignore the word premium and natural, and you cannot take for granted that expensive dog food is good dog food. The thing you should consider is the ingredients. Pay attention on the ingredients anytime you want to buy dog food. Spent more time to read every ingredient contained in the bag. Make sure that all the ingredients are suitable and will not cause allergy for your dog. Let us be a smart pet owner and choose the real best food for our beloved pet. Hopefully, one day the manufacturers realize that the society is no longer a take for granted people who easily believed in label, and they will act accordingly to give the best ingredient for the product.