Before you get started training your Golden Retriever, it is important to focus on having patience. The Golden Retriever is one of the smartest breeds of dog in the world. Remember not to let yourself get too frustrated if your new puppy does not learn everything on the first try.

In addition, you will need to pick out a special treat that is solely for training your retriever. Only give these treats during training sessions.

Basic Commands For Training Your Retriever

When you are just getting started with training, you must first learn the basic commands, such as: sit, stay, lie down, come and heal.

Begin training your Golden Retriever with the sit command. Stand facing your dog, holding one of the special treats in your hand firmly. Move the treat toward the dog’s shoulders. Gently push on the retriever’s hindquarters as you give the command.

When your Golden Retriever heeds your command, praise them enthusiastically and reward them with the special treat. Repeat the process so your dog will associate the command with a treat.

Once you have mastered the sit command, it is time to move on to the lie down command. With your Golden Retriever sitting facing you, hold the treat in your hand and move it toward the floor. Your dog will go down toward you to ground level.

When he or she lies down, praise them and reward them with the treat just as you did with sitting. When the dog is a little older, you will be able to advance this command by skipping the sit command and getting your dog to lie down directly from a standing position.

Training Golden Retrievers

Training Golden Retrievers

Next you can teach your dog to stay. You may have to tie up your Golden Retriever when teaching this command. Once your Golden Retriever puppy is a little older and obeys sit, lie down, you will be able to teach the stay command.

From the sitting or lying position, give the stay command, walk a few steps away for three seconds. It may take a few tries, but once your Golden Retriever stays in place for the entire time, then you praise and reward their obedience.

To get your Golden Retriever to come when you call, show them the special treat and then move away just a few steps. Call your dog by name, point beside your foot and say, “come”. When the dog comes to you, hold their collar as you praise and reward them. Gradually increase the distance you get your dog to come as you practice this command. Never call your Golden Retriever to you for scolding or punishment.

When you progress with the training and your new puppy is sitting, lying down, staying and coming on command, you will be ready to move on to teaching your Golden Retriever to heel. This command is rather easy, so you should be able to teach it to a young puppy.

Keep your dog on a short leash when you are training the heel command. Hold the special treat tightly in your right hand, even with your lower ribs toward the center of your body. It is important that your dog is aware of the treat.

Give the heel command as you walk away. Make sure your dog’s attention remains on you. Repeat the command, stopping every few yards to praise and reward your friend. Eventually, you will be able to lengthen the leash.

It is important to practice all commands when training Golden Retrievers. As your puppy ages, you will be able to add more commands. Remember that dogs have short attention spans, so try to keep your Golden Retriever training sessions less than ten minutes.

Golden Retrievers Training

Golden Retrievers Training

Also be consistent in your training. When different members of the family train your friend they have to use the same commands as all the other members of the family. This way consistent commands are being used and the dog won’t get confused.

In addition, make sure every training session ends on a high note, even if you have to revert to an old, easy command.