Starters may find breeding dogs an almost futile task. Breeding dogs, let alone Golden Retrievers, can be very difficult, but it can also be simple. It is wise not to breed unless you satisfy the necessary requirements for hobby breeders, simply because it would be not be fair to the breed if you have a puppy, or a litter of it, that are not what they ought to be. Most people looking for Golden Retrievers usually want the quality ones; that is why you must not try to breed just to produce puppies or make money.

Breeding Golden Retrievers is considered as a serious hobby and it is something that should be left to persons who know how to choose right. Breeding involves a great measure of care and a good amount of cost, especially if the breeders are very particular with quality. Breeding also entails great responsibility; it requires you a good amount of time to do such a task.

Quality breeders will consider many options when breeding. They will have to determine the mother and the father. Also, the breeder will determine the each of the pair’s traits, temperaments and their compatibility in order to get the highest quality litter possible. Moreover, the breeder will also check whether either of the pair has health issues to avoid ailments or diseases from being passed on to the litter.

In addition, breeders may also incur considerable costs for food, daily care and vet bills. Try crunching the numbers and you may be surprised to find that breeders do not really make much money at all with selling their puppies. Majority of top quality breeders usually breed for a hobby and are more concerned about the quality of the litters than making money. What with even some of the best breeders who experience problems selling quality puppies, quality is a priority than quantity in this case.

In the case of Golden Retrievers, breeding can help fulfill a particular need of theirs. A pregnant Golden does not get anything health-wise, and may cause problems instead. Spayed female Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, cannot be bred as well. So if you decide to have your Golden Retriever spayed, remember that it will never have the chance to breed.

The mother of the litter may sometimes be found to be unfit when breeding Golden Retrievers, thus the breeder will have to work more. If the mother is not capable of nurturing her young, the breeder will also have to do the mother’s supposed job, feeding it and ensuring that they are always healthy. This aspect can be the most time consuming in breeding.

Breeding Golden Retrievers

Breeding Golden Retrievers

While breeding may be a fun activity for hobby breeders, it is one that you should not consider doing, unless you have the experience. As much as possible, try to keep your Golden Retriever from having a puppy with a different breed. Purebred Golden Retrievers should only be bred with dogs of the same breed as hers to keep their bloodline alive and running. So, think long and well enough before actually making a go with breeding.