Wow, owning and raising a Yorkie puppy is quite thrilling and amazing. Also known as Yorkshire Terriers, these pups are more delicate than other dog breeds. If you want your puppy to be healthy, you must prepare and equip yourself well financially and physically. You will need to establish a good veterinary doctor and a place where to keep the puppy.

The puppy will also need to play and to be cleaned. For this reason budget for toys shampoos, conditioners and hair brushes. Other necessities include: a soft sleeping cot, a clean eating bowl, clean water, a collar and clothes. The puppy’s kennel should be well ventilated for fresh air to circulate well.

Once you equip yourself with all the necessities, its vital to be keen on your puppy`s health. If you note any unusual behavior or disease symptoms, always be swift to call your veterinary doctor to assess the situation. Also ask your veterinary doctor to advice you on how to vaccinate the dog.

Yorkie puppies only eat recommended food: so be careful what you feed it on. It’s good to also establish what your puppy likes or hates to eat. You should ensure that you serve the puppy’s food and water in clean bowls. Raising a yorkie puppy calls for total dedication. You have to bath it on a daily basis with a recommended conditioner. Use a soft bristle brush to brush its coat if you want its fur coat to look smart and graceful.