As some of you may know, in my most recent article I mentioned how Bedadine solution can greatly benefit your dog’s paws when they come in contact with chemicals that are applied to lawns etc. Now, I would like to go more in depth with the solution and explain it’s many other uses and common myths!

Benefits of Bedadine

Bedadine has been around for many many years as a disinfectant used mainly during surgeries to keep an area of the body sterile while being operated on. It’s the nasty colored orange ‘stuff’ that has minimal odor and has done its job well in the medical field! What many people do not know is that this can also be used on our pets (especially dogs) not only when they are under the knife, but also in day to day activities.

One of the best ways to use this is to first mix it with luke warm water until it appears to take the color of iced tea. Then, you are set to use it. Unlike us, dogs do not take showers everyday or wear shoes therefore, their paws pick up everything they come in contact with. As we know, most of those things are not necessarily in the clean category!

However, by spraying or running your dog’s paws through the solution once or twice per day, you can prevent MANY issues that arise from bacterial infection including hot spots, red/inflamed pads, infected nail beds, excessive licking and excessive biting/chewing of the paws. This can also aid if your dog tends to get anxiety and takes to licking their pads, the bedadine will kill any bacteria that may have gathered in that region.

You can virtually use bedadine as many times per day as you would like, it can’t hurt your dog in any way. Experiment with it, if you know that your dog gets flair ups when it gets warmer/muggier outside, clean his paws/areas of his body an extra time each day. This will surely alleviate the amount of medication that is put into a dogs body and of course, the medical bills!

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Myth Surrounding Bedadine

A common myth of bedadine is that it stains the fur. My dog Partner has white feet and gets them sprayed every day. As soon as I wipe the solution off (which takes minimal time) you would never know that he had this done a moment ago. I also don’t bathe him THAT often, so his feet stay pretty clean even with the iced tea color solution being sprayed on once or twice per day.

Always remember, if one can prevent an issue before it happens with something much simpler and healthier, how is it not a beautiful thing? Bedadine is easy to use, effective and does not stain your pets feet.