The Rotty is a breed whose history is rather shrouded. One idea has it the ancestors of the breed were the dogs which were brought to Europe as War Dogs by the legions of Rome and some were left at the back as the Legionnaires marched onwards. And anyway, in the town of Dog, a prospering commercial and rural market-place in southern Germany, for many centuries there had been a sort of dog with the general appearance of the Rotty of today.

This dog was employed for its droving capabilities and as a guardian against marauding animals and thieves. The animal was such a brilliant protector against burglars that it’s been noted in history the moneybags for trade at the market were carried around the necks of these dogs. The Rotty of today is noted for its high intelligence and trainability. In Germany, which needs stringent control over the breeding population and is the home of the Ring Sport of Schutzhund, the Dog is an improved rival and regularly a robust contender for some of the highest titles. The dog has increased in recognition in the US where it continues to serve humankind in several areas, including a dog for army use, a guide dog for the blind, a police dog, a search dog and a family guardian and pet. The Dog ought to have a compact and muscular appearance. The head is square with a definite stop and bold look to the eye. The ears are folded over sharply and set high and aren’t very long.

The neck should be of solid proportion and strongly set on the shoulders, which ought really to be well chilled out for strength and pulling power. All taken with all, the whole appearance should be one of strength and solid power. The color of the Dog is glossy black with rich tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks and jaws and higher chest, a tan blaze mark should appear between the forelegs and on all 4 legs. The personality of the Dog is ready, concerned to delight and very smart.

Also, he is quite a very content dog, frolicsome and with great spirit, never knackering of fun and games so long as it is with folks that he adores. He is a clown as a young dog and puppy, regularly not maturing and becoming “steady” till after the age of 2. He’s going to give great emotion to folk that he considers belonging to him and will remain steadfast and constant. This is a dog that must definitely be brought up as a social dog but for he carries inside his genetic history an aggressive defending and protecting instinct and desires to learn early on that folks are going to be his charges and aren’t a threat. The Rotty has great strength and bravery and a protecting nature and when this is channeled in the right way he’s going to be the constant guardian he is supposed to be. However, in the hands of an ignorant or irresponsible owner, this dog can do great damage because of those self-same instincts.

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