Once you decide to purchase a puppy from a breeder and begin your search, you may be slightly surprised at the prices that breeders charge. Some people feel the price is too high and are discouraged from purchasing from a good breeder. Others cannot imagine paying a higher price when you can get a GSD puppy out of the paper for much less.

When you buy a German Shepherd puppy from a good breeder you should expect to pay anywhere from $1000-$1800 or more depending on the lines you choose. While that may seem like a lot of money at first, once you understand the reason for this price it does make sense. A good breeder puts a lot of time, money and works into producing the best puppies possible. That includes training, trialing, showing, health testing and other various vet bills. These expenses really do add up over the years. In addition to the expenses and work the breeder does to prepare the female to be bred, then you also have the stud fee and breeding related expenses including progesterone tests, brucellosis screening, and other vet fees. Once the female is bred, you will also have to increase the food later in pregnancy, pay even more vet bills including an ultrasound, x-rays and if something should go wrong possibly even an emergency c-section.

After the puppies are born, the female eats a huge amount of food to properly produce milk. There are several puppy related expenses that the breeder must pay on top of everything else. The breeder will have to pay for advertising expenses. They will also have to put together puppy packets, as well as purchase new toys and supplies for the puppies, etc.

You may pick up the paper and see a litter of German Shepherd puppies for $300 and wonder why should you pay $1500? When it comes to purchasing a puppy, you often get what you pay for! You may pay more upfront for a well-bred puppy, but you will save much more long-term in vet bills and have much less heartache! There are many benefits to buying from a good breeder including but not limited to lifetime breeder support, a strong genetic background, less chance of health issues and a better temperament in the puppy.

If you find it difficult to come up with the purchase price, talk with the breeder! Sometimes there are other options available such as co-ownerships or payment plans. If you think you are going to be ready for a new puppy, start putting some money to the side now! Take your time and do your research, which will give you more time to save up.

If you really do not want to pay this much for a puppy, please consider a rescue! Rescues will be available for much less money.

German Shepherd Puppy Price