Almost all dog breeds have the instinctive trait of being group oriented. More often that not, they feel the need to interact with other species of their class for them to be secure. Golden Retrievers in particular have been bred over the years because they have been known to be loving and obedient to people. They are excellent pets in the home and are ideal hunting companions. Moreover, they also make great guide dogs for blind people, security watchdogs or search and rescue mission assistants. Golden Retrievers should constantly interact with people because of the way they are bred.

Generally, Golden Retrievers are soft and loving dogs in nature. They are also sensitive to his owner’s needs as well as his own that it also wants you to acknowledge his warm presence by giving him attention and affection as well. As a matter of fact, Golden Retrievers were the one among the first three dogs to win in the Obedience Trial Championships. Now that is more than enough for a statement.

With a Golden Retriever’s trait of being very people-oriented, it is essential for them to have owners and live with them. Always make sure to get your Golden Retriever involved when engaging in any family activity. An indication that a Golden Retriever is bored is when it starts barking, as Goldens do not usually bark a lot. A Golden Retriever is versatile and can participate in different physical activities such as hiking, hunting, jogging and walking, among many others.

Exposing your Golden Retriever puppy to different kinds of people, particularly to kids, can also make him grow up to become nicer to them. Kids may find a Golden Retriever adorable, as they can be very friendly around children, playing with them and licking them. But of course, you can never always be too confident about leaving your Goldens alone with the children. Children may do things to the dog that might spoil his cool temperament, thus causing it to naturally retaliate.

Generally, all Golden Retrievers love the water and enjoy getting wet. They also like to soak in the mud and dirty themselves up. Expect your Golden to take the plunge and get all soaked up especially if you have a pool, pond or any other water source in your home or in a place near you. This makes bathing not a problem for you and your Golden Retriever.

Especially when summer strikes, you must be extra sure that your Golden has lots of moving air, water and shade. Golden Retrievers like the heat, although in many cases it is not really good for them. But as long as you take good care of your Golden Retriever and do not exhaust himself, he is going to be A-okay even in the scorching summer heat.