Washing Yorkies can be one of the most difficult grooming activities for pet owners. Most dogs hate bathing, so your pet has to get used to the idea of using water to clean them. You should start by bathing your dog. Then you dry groom. Grooming in this order makes it easier to brush and trim your Yorkshire Terrier.

The main tools you need include warm water, a tub, plastic jug, sponge, dog shampoo and non-slip mat. Place the non-slip mat in the tub, and let your Yorkie stand on this mat.  Next, pour some warm water over your dog until he or she is wet all over. Then, apply plenty of canine shampoo and start washing in the back first.

Add a small amount of shampoo to a jug of water, and rub it in until it produces a good lather. Next, start washing your Yorkies face and head. Care is required here because your dog’s eyes are sensitive. There is also the possibility of an ear infection if any water gets into your Yorkshire Terriers ears. This problem can be prevented if you place cotton wool in your pet’s ears. Finally, clean under the tail with the sponge.

The next step is to rinse with warm, clean water. Use your fingers to help rinse off the lather. Carry out this process until all of the shampoo has been removed or any remaining shampoo may irritate your Yorkshire Terrier later.

Finally, you will have to dry your Yorkie. If your pet has short hair, he or she can be towel dried. Many Yorkshire Terriers have long hair, so gently towel dry and then finish drying with a hair dryer at a low temperature, and from a distance to prevent burning.

Making Washing Yorkies Easy

As you may be aware, most dogs do not like to be washed. This dislike can cause stress, so you have to take control of the situation. If your dog senses that you are in control, it can help reduce their anxiety levels. Reassurance, praise, and treats can make washing an easy process for you and your Yorkie.