Dogs don’t react to allergies the way humans dog. While we may raise a racket by sneezing, hacking and constantly clearing our throat, our poodles usually suffer in silence. When pets inhale, come in contact with or ingest something they’re sensitive to, they begin to itch or rub excessively. The itching or rubbing changes the skin’s surface and can allow for an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast.

Here are the top 10 visual signs that your poodle may have allergies:

  1. Excessive licking, itching or head shaking.
  2. Odor (ears or generalized)
  3. Ear discharge
  4. Inflamed, bleeding or copper-stained paws
  5. Hair loss
  6. Circular crusting lesions
  7. Red pimples
  8. Oily or greasy skin
  9. Thickened, leathery skin
  10. Scaly or red skin

Because there are so many potential causes for skin and ear allergies and because they usually require life-long management, it is best to see your vet.