Determine the name for your Boxer based on history, culture, temperament and vocation.

Were I in charge of explaining the phrase “comically cute” I could invoke no better image than that of a litter of boxers playfully raising their pugilistic puppy paws to deliver jabs and crosses in mock boxing exhibitions with their siblings. These bouncy energetic puppies will grow into an adult possessed of compact muscularity and athleticism. More importantly, as an adult, they will be brave, affectionate and loyal protectors with a unique and almost mystical quality of discerning good guys from bad guys. Your puppy will need no specialized training to become the quintessential bodyguard. The boxer is of Germanic origin and will, therefore, require a respectable Teutonic name.

What’s in a Name?

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1.

The first word your new Boxer will learn is his name. His name spoken by you will be the sweetest sound that he will ever hear. It will be the music that connects you with your friend and him with you. You will do your friend a great service if you give him a simple name because a Boxer is honest by nature he deserves a name whose meaning accurately reflects his essence.

Boxer Puppy

Boxer Puppy

Ten Top Boxer Names of Germanic Origin


  • Arvin means friend to all, which indeed he is – a friend to all of good intent.
  • Billie means defender of justice. This perfectly expresses the boxer’s special ability to intuit and defend against evil purpose.
  • Ernest means truth. You can find no more honest and true companion. Deceit of any kind is not in his nature.
  • Hardy means courageous and strong. The boxer’s courage is legendary and pound for pound he ranks very near the top in canine strength.
  • Medwin means powerful friend. The strength of the boxer is unquestioned, the quality of his friendship unsurpassed.


  • Ada means noble and kind, a compact name for a compact canine. The name honestly describes the character.
  • Elkie is another form of noble and kind.
  • Louisa means to fight with honor. You can rest assured that when your boxer chooses to fight it will be for a good cause.
  • Minna means protection. Protection is your boxer’s life work and she will be very good at her vocation.
  • Rae means wise protection. This again alludes to her special ability to sense those that mean you harm and to defend you against them.

Matching a Name to Your Boxer’s Personality

Your boxer has been bred to have specific abilities and tendencies, but as you will soon learn each individual has his own unique character. Your puppy will obviously be influenced by you, his environment and his life experiences. True, he will not know his ancestors’ history, origin, or the meaning of his name – but you will. Being thoughtful of the name you give to your puppy is a great way to begin to dignify your new friend. In case the suggestions that I have made do not resonate with you, browse these Germanic names and their meanings. There are of course, many more apropos options.

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